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How to index your website on various Search Engine?

Now a days online promotion is very effective for E commerce or any other Business. For online marketing everyone create a new Website or any free blog for promoting brand, local businesses. We know most of the people use Google for finding anything like purchasing product, information etc. So overall people target Google to come in search result page for any business related quires. For eg.- if you have cab service site then whenever user type “hire cab” you aspect that your site should come in ranking. For this you need to first Googlebot crawl and index your website and its content. So many people wants to crawl their website sooner after launched and when they add any content. Those who are new to SEO, this will help you start your SEO better way as without indexing you are not aware on search engine result page.Before I go ahead I will explain about what is crawling and indexing

Crawling – In This Googlebot visiting every website and looking for new and updated information and crawl all the pages and content.

Indexing – In this process whatever information gathered by googlebot from its crawling activities they are added quality content to Googles search index. They also analyses title, description, content of the website

Below are few steps will help you to index your site quickly.

Creating Sitemap

For every new website you need to create sitemap. Sitemap includes list of all pages that exit on your website. With the help of this Googlebot crawl all your website at a glance. There are two types of sitemap includes first is html(sitemap.html) and another is xml(sitemap.xml).Html sitemap is helpful for user and crawler to get the idea of your site and Xml sitemap is for Google use after creating xml sitemap we need to submit this sitemap in Google Webmastre tool ( If your site is static and includes few pages or less than 500 then there are many website available for generating your sitemap like ( I personally used this website for creating sitemap and if you use WordPress, Drupal theme then there are inbuilt plug-in available for sitemap.

Search Engine Submission

After creating Sitemap Submitting your website in various search engine. In free web submission ( you get the list of search engine sites to crawl your website different search engine along with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Social Bookmarking

There are many quality website included in Social Bookmarking like Delicious, Folked, Stumbleupon,Thumblr useful website indexing. This will also helpful for increasing website traffic.

Updating Content

Googlebot give first priority to new and updated content. So I’ll suggest you to for better crawling and indexing try to update your website with new and unique content.

I follow this method for newly launched websites. If you know anything please share through your comment.


Rakhee kadam
 Author Bio : Rakhee Kadam is SEO professional and Blogger over Five years. Writes at her blog Gettogethers on current topics, news and experiences. Currently she works for the company Just dial as a Sr.SEO Expert.


How Google plus will help your business to get exposure to your customers

As we know that Google is the main search engine which is
widely used in the globe, most of the businesses are on the internet and can be
found in the Google search results. Though, Google has started Google plus
which is social networking and growing fast in the current stage. This property
by the Google meant to be the best platform for the businessmen to get the most
of it. I will explain you it in the following steps.


Create Google Plus page of your business:
Your business on the Google plus will established a new way
to discover the potential customers. Like Facebook and twitter people are on
the Google plus to share and connect with each others. If the business has the
good presence on the portal like Facebook and twitter can be more effective on
this Google plus page as well. To create your business page on Google plus you
will need your Google plus profile which will be the manager of the page.
Add necessary Information on the page:
It’s important to add the basic information of your business
in the Google plus page. It can be the logo of the business, Basic information
and the history of the business, Website URL. To make your Google plus page
complete you need to place your business logo, basic information and the
website URL. Website URL is the most important which will give your Google plus
page followers the access to your website to make them your customers.
Add Google plus page URL to other social platforms:
The best advantage you can have your other properties to
collaborate in such a way that your followers can get access to your all the properties.
It is like the chain system which pulls the users and sends them to the portals
which are from the same business. This will help your business to build the
followers and the fan following for your Google plus page.
Add Google plus page URL to your business website:
Let your customers to know that your presence on the Google
plus platform. This will lead the customers converting to the regular
customers. The constant engagement and updating to the users and followers make
them regular customers of your business. Users who found your business from the
search engines and logged in can see the Google plus page and follow it.
Keep updating your business page to engage the users:
This step is important as you can earn new followers and
fans from the users you currently have. The constant updating and engagement
with the users keeps the good relation and bonding. Sharing an interesting
updates can go viral and brought new users and followers to your Google plus
page. Always keep in mind to relate your updates to your business to keep the


Google plus is the platform I believe in the near future
will give the best valuable followers and customers to the businesses. Do not
ignore this very crucial time factor to use to build the strong social presence
for your business and brand.
Darshan Beloshe is SEO professional and Blogger over five years. Writes his blog on his favorite topics and experiences. Currently He work for the company Justdial limited.